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An animated insect ballet presented by the San Francisco Symphony?! Yes, you read that right! I am excited to announce my next big animation project - Stravinsky's Les Noces conducted by Esa Pekka. It's happening at the San Francisco Symphony in November and repeated at Orchestre De Paris in January! I'm hard at work on this exciting ballet - you can follow along with my process on my TikTok channel! In other news The animation I created for the London Philharmonia (Creatures of Prometheus) will travel to Bonn, Germany - the birthplace of Beethoven! More info here! To watch the full program from the London Philharmonia broadcast click hereTo see more of my projection design, motion graphics, or video editing work watch my reel below or check out the links above. 

Sneak Peak of Les Noces: The Millipede Ballet

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