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A Moving Painting

More exporing today for La Calisto! I am always trying to find ways in After Effects to make images look as though they are moving paintings. I love the look of stop motion paint on glass techniques. In the past I've used a lot of Dust and Scratches, which I am growing a little tired of. I have also used a lot of paint textures in composite modes to get a painterly feel. That is no longer doing it for me either. Today I decided to export each frame of video and treat them each separately. Each frame has two different treatments. Only one of the treatments can be automated through "actions" in photoshop, the other has to be applied frame by frame. Then all of the frames are re-imported and sequenced in After Effects using the Animation Assistant. It is mind-numbing work but I'm really happy with the result. I can really only do this with short loops otherwise I will never finish in time!

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